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WATCH: Jaheim - "Finding My Way Back" (Official Video)


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    WATCH: Jaheim - "Finding My Way Back" (Official Video)
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    April 30, 2010

    And here's the visual for Ja's SMASH single "Finding My Way Back", directed by and starring actress Regina King. ANOTHER ROUND is in stores now!

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on April 30, 2010

And here's the visual for Ja's SMASH single "Finding My Way Back", directed by and starring actress Regina King. ANOTHER ROUND is in stores now!


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The Voice..The Swag..The Man..The Journey...Forever a Jah fan. No other artist in the last 10 years can go head to head with him...
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jah find ya way back to symphony hall so i can get front row seats
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I love this song!!! This is the best song you have ever made. It really makes you think about your past and the mistakes you've made in your relationships. My 12yr old son played this song and told me to just listen to the lyrics one day then my boyfriend sung this song to me when I was just about to give up on our relationship. I have got to get this CD ASAP!!!!!! LaRhonda
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ba da ba ba ba i'm loving it.. feeling like a kid @ mcdonald's
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Every song and note that you have sung since you hit the music scene has been my favorite. That sultry, strong street corner voice just speaks to my soul. I listen to your music when I am happy, when I am winding down, and just when I want to do nothing at all. Your videos are always beautiful and never over done. You're doing you. The new look is very much you. The Grown and Sexy, as the late Gerald Levert would say. I have you in a very special category. Keep putting out the music that we love. Much love to you Jah! Loving you always! Muah....
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Oh my this video was the topic of discussion today. Both men & women were saying how nice it was. Jah you gonna do even bigger things. I guess I will watch it again!! LOL
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@Cheryl - LOL - its sooooooo adictive.

OMG COME PICK ME UP OFF THE FLO!! Better yet NIK NIK..JERSEYSFINEST..MATUREONE come take the wheel of this dang tour bus..I THINK I'M LOSING IT!!! LOL LOL LOL
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Jaheim, i enjoyed this video very much, and even though Regina King was your leading lady, I know of one person who would have taken YOU and this video over da top. ME! :) lol, if you didn't know before I'm telling you now I am your biggest fan and I hope and pray that one day I would have the chance to meet you in person. I Love your music and you too. just remember this(it'sjustmetrp) aka MistyBleu.
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great video,u look so fresh and neat, keep up da good work jaheim, pleeeeeez hurry back to houston. i keep buggin the radio stations to bring you back. terry bledsoe
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lov the da video jah you was lookin real niceeeee as alwayz the part i didnt like was when u and regina king where kissing hahahaha ....
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Jaheim I love ANOTHER ROUND every Song, I Love da video great work Regina King.I hope you also make a video too IMPOSSIBLE, and WHOA. Jaheim I have all of your CD's and i cant wait tell you go on Tour I will be right there in da front row, I'll be one of the first to buy a ticket. I play your cd everyday at home and at work and in my MP3 player i have songs from all your cds playing. I love what you have to say as an R&B Artist you are a Beautiful Man please never stop doing what your doing cause your song touch ppl hearts. Cant wait till you come to CHI-Town on your Tour and I hope i get to meet you JAHEIM, Much Love Always one of your Real Loyal Fans (Toinet)
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Love the video it was great, also love all your muscis, planing on see you in Montgomery, Al on the 15th love you. May God continue to bless you in everything you do much love.
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Loving the song as well as the video.....So It Jah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tawnee's picture

You have definitely found your way back to our ears and hearts. Extraordinary job on the video!!! Wow!!!
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Loving the vidoe, your new look and the beach scene! I been loving your music since 'way back' Ghetto Love! I can't wait till you hit Cincinnati this summer at the music Festival. I got a front row seat! Love you Jah and many blessings....
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Jaheim this video was well worth the wait. I love the whole idea of being in different states. The concept of trying to find your way back to the love you once had is an issue so many people go through. You had me SMH at the end though - leaving me wondering if yall get back together - LOL when is the sequal coming out. Kudos to you Jaheim - kepp making great music & videos for fans like myself & others who need to hear what great music is! Lots of luv -Nikysha!
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everything you touch sounds good.i love all your music
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Can you find your way back to Kansas City PLZZZZZZZ... great video,,he looks amazing.

OMG!!!! NIKYSHA....DON'T YOU KNOW I COULDN'T WAIT TO FIND MY WAY HOME TO CHECK THIS VIDEO OUT...LOL *FAINTS* There is nothing more attracted than a well groom mm mm...did you see the manicured nails...GOD I LOVE THIS MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!
Matureone AKA Luvjaja's picture

Everyone, the camera loves this man. He looks and sounds great on this video. Finding My Way Back will definitely climb the charts after people see this video. It is very touching. We all know that love can hurt sometimes! Ja you did your thing. Regina, how you not gonna answer when this man calls???? Y'all completely flipped the script on us.
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AMAZING, u have done it again!! u are a music genius, LOVE the video!!, u have taken music to a whole new level..... we love u Jah! keep doing what u do!! *muah*
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Awww i guess he didn't find his way back.I'll be glad to give him directions to my house.LMAO.Well anyway LOVE IT!
Sherry's picture

Wow! I really enjoyed this but it was a twist; i expected them 2 get back 2gether! Beautiful!
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OMG I LUV THIS!! jah jah did his thing
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@Matt I am so glad you posted this because everyone doesn't have Centric TV. Ok I saw the video this morning. I wish it was longer. I also wish they had speaking parts. Regina you fooled me - LOL