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Jah's Tweet 4/27/12

Nik Nik - TheChosenOne's picture
on April 27, 2012

okay yall.
Jah tweeted that his tour will start this coming June.

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MSVICTORIA's picture

JAH in my Jennifer Hudson voice " WHERE YOU AT"?

Nik Nik - TheChosenOne's picture

Hey MzR here I
Omg you will faint if he does not come your way. ROTF@ reward.... put her to work. See if she can find the route to his heart...... lmao among other things!!!!

mzs rendezvous's picture

NIKNIK, Where you @?? Now another friend just mentioned about some one having a flyer with a JAHJAH in it, MY JAHvestigation has started , told she will get a reward, if she is for real. LOL, I'll let you know how it pans out. SMH, needing A JAH fix in the town.

mzs rendezvous's picture

I hope Chicago is on the list. My daughter thought she heard something on the radio. But you know I stay ready to see JAH perfom.....