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Jah in The NY Times, USA Today and More!


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on February 19, 2010

Jaheim continues to grab big looks from press such as The New York Times, USA Today, Dailey Variety & The Hollywood Reporter. Click on the links to check them out now!

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Thanks for coming to Houston, Texas last month. Love the concert!!! Love your voice!!! Love your music!!! There aren't many musicians who can ACTUALLY sing so I appreciate hearing YOU! You don't have to be ghetto or rip off your shirt(not complaining though) - because you CAN ACTUALLY sing and your music is 'simply devine' those of us who appreciate music LOVE THAT ABOUT YOU! Keep doin you...looking forward to more in the years to come! -Char
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CONGRATS!!!Long over due;)THANKS to Jon Caramanica for writting the article,,Bless you!:) also Big THANKS to Alantic Records for Believing in Jaheim & giving the R&B audience Sexy,Soulful,,"The Voice" We LUV YOU JAHEIM!!!#1
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The Hollywood Reporter: 1-liner. ********************************************** Jah's Web Crew. Thanks for the fresh-reads. NY Times held Jaheim down with an awesome, exclusive article. The other 3, although short but sweet noted Jaheim's achievement. Thank you & keep posting these type of article no matter the lenght.
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Daily Variety: similiar to USA Today. Jaheim ranked 1 spot over Little Wayne. Wow L.W. is hot right now. Big-ups Jah - push on!
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USA Today, one line- just the mention of being in the 3rd spot selling 112,000 copies.
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The New York Times? Yes, The New York Times! Jaheim, you are doing it. This newspaper is world wide! Jah is on top of his game. This piece was well written.