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New Single: Age Ain't A Factor


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on May 06, 2013

Listen to the new single from Jaheim, "Age Ain't A Factor". Available on iTunes, May 7th.


Phillygirl's picture

Love you Jaheim. Can't wait for the new release. Hope to see you again soon!
mzs rendezvous's picture

Loving the new single. Can't wait for the CD. Love you JAHEIM
luvyababe's picture

love the new cd.and i knou you have a mother day contest don,t want to play no game i just want to meet you hang hang just that type of guy to me.have u on the one thing to do in life only u can make it happen am ready when u are. i did get a hug when u was in greensboro nc and a pic with u. holla at your girl.Tri
Jah's Fine Wine's picture

Yes Jah great to have u back man! I can asure u this song is a gonna make it top of your Classic Hits cause the lyrics are on point!..... I'm sure I'm speaking for all us grown ladies when I say "this song got me feeling myself" @ all the male fans this is the Anthem song to dedicate to your ole girl :-)
Matureone AKA Luvjaja's picture

Alright a song for me. I have been saying for years age ain't a factor when it comes to me and Jaheim. Nik thanks for the heads up on this. You definitely made my day.
DorothyDotHarris's picture

OMG bout time u r back & sexier than ever..cant wait to see u this saturday:-)
Nik Nik - TheChosenOne's picture

The long awaited single from our very own........... Well worth the wait!!!! Kudos to you Jah ;-)
Jah's Fine Wine's picture

1 more thing can we please have that pic ASAP! Lol